Definition of an Evaluation Essay

An evaluation essay is a composition that gives judgments about acertain issue in accordance with the certain criteria. It is akind of argument that offers evidence to justify an author’sopinion about the subject.

Theme of an Essay

Theme of a paper should not promote the presentation of onlyexplanations of concepts, its objective is to stimulatereflection. For example, you can compare the topics of the essayoffered in the examinations of international bachelor’s programsin economics, and the traditional topics of independent work andcontrol as written answers.

There should be a question, a motivation, and an issue in thetheme for reflection. For example,

  • Is the psyche identical to the nervous system?
  • Is it expedient to separate the collective unconscious into aseparate structure of the psyche?

The formulation of these topics assumes the argumentation ofone’s own point of view. The topic “Compare views on themechanisms for the formation of the self-assessment of threepersonal schools” involves not only the definition of common forall three concepts of the situation, but also the development ofcategories for comparison.

Thus, the proposed topic influences whether you are composing apaper or an abstract.

Designing an Essay

The design of an evaluation essay is a disclosure of a topic oran answer to a problem that is founded on a classical system ofevidence.


This is the rationale and substance for selecting this topic. Itincludes various elements, connected stylistically and logically.At this step, it is significant to correctly form the question,to which you will find the answer in your study.

When preparing an entry, attempt to answer these questions tomake the process easier:

  • Do I need to define the terms in the essay theme?
  • Why is the topic that I am revealing important at the moment?
  • What ideas will be included in my reasoning on topic?
  • Can I split the theme into several smaller sub-themes?

The Main Body

It is the theoretical basis of the chosen problem and thefundamental problem. This chapter presumes the development ofarguments and analysis, along with their substantiation inaccordance with the data, which is available, other arguments,and positions on the problem. The part presents the content ofthe essay, which makes it difficult to write. Thus, subheads arecrucial. They are the foundation for structuring theargumentation. The proposed argumentation/analysis has to besubstantiated (logically, applying to facts or precise reasoning)here. Where necessary, schemes and tables can be applied as ananalytical instrument.

Depending on the issue you are evaluating posed, the evaluationis grounded on the following:

  • The cause and the result
  • The general and the special
  • The content and the form
  • The portion and the whole
  • Consistency and variability

When creating an evaluation essay, keep in mind that oneparagraph should have only one proposal and the related proof,backed up by illustrative and graphic materials. Thus, completingthe content of sections with arguments (related subtitles), it isnecessary within the paragraph restrictions to limit oneself tothe thinking of one main idea.

The way to construct any type of a paper is the application ofsubtitles to define the main points of the justified submission:it helps look at what has to be done (and reply whether thestatetment is worthy or not). This technique will assist tofollow a certain goal in the research. Not only the resultingapplication of subtitles is the sign of the key ideas that arerequired to be marked, their sequence may also show the presenceor absence of consistency in the study of the theme.


It is a synthesizing and explained outcome, defining the scope ofits use, etc. It summarizes the essay, or makes explanationsagain, fortifies the significance and the meaning of what is saidin the body. It is recommended to use the following methods:

  • Illustration
  • Repetition
  • Impressive statement
  • Quotation

The conclusion can contain a crucial element of an essay, as anapplication (implication) indication of the study, withoutexcluding the connection with other problems.

Structure of the Apparatus of Evidence Required to Compose anEssay

Proof is a combination of logical methods of justifying the truthof any proposition with the assistance of other correct andrelated judgments.

It is connected with the conviction, but not the same as it is.Argumentation or proof has to be grounded on the data of scienceand social and historical practice. Opinions may be founded onbias, people’s lack of knowledge about economics and politics, aswell as the appearance of evidence. This means that the reasoningor proof is an argumentation applying substantial positions,facts, and scientific proof that proves the truth of what isbeing said.

study Write my Paper

The three components should be included in the structure of anyproof:

  • Thesis
  • Arguments
  • Conclusions, or value reasoning

The thesis is the position (judgment) that you want to convincesomeone in. Reasons are groups applied to prove the truth of athesis. Outcome is a position founded on the fact analysis.Appraisal sentences are positions founded on our views andthoughts. Reasons are usually categorized into these classes:

  • Certified facts are factual sources (or statistics). Factsare a ground for identifying directions and, on their foundation,rules in different fields of knowledge, so we usually show thevalidity of laws based on factual data.
  • Definitions in the process of argumentation are applied as anexplanation of the concepts associated with the thesis.
  • The science rules and previously proven theorems may also beapplied as reasoning of the evidence.

Types of Connections in the Proof

In order to arrange theses and reasoning in a logical sequence,you must know the ways of their interconnection. Connectioninvolves the interaction of the thesis and the argument and canbe direct, indirect, and separative. A direct proof is a proof,in which the truth of the thesis is directly substantiated by theargument. For example, we do not have to go to class, becausetoday is Sunday. The method of direct proof can be applied usingthe technique of induction, deduction, analogy, and cause-effectrelations.

  • Induction is a process, as a result of which we arrive atconclusions based on facts. We proceed in our reasoning from theparticular to the general, from the assumption to the statement.The general rule of induction says that the more facts, the moreconvincing the argument.
  • Deduction is a process of reasoning from the general to theparticular, in which the conclusion is usually based on twopremises, one of which is of a more general nature. For example,all people who set clear goals and remain in the presence of thespirit during critical situations are great leaders.
  • An analogy is a method of reasoning built on a comparison.The analogy assumes that if objects A and B are similar inseveral directions, then they should have the same properties. Itis necessary to remember some features of this type ofargumentation: the comparison directions should concern the mostsignificant features of the two compared objects, otherwise onecan arrive at a completely absurd conclusion.
  • Cause-effect argumentation is argumentation by explaining thecauses of a particular phenomenon (very often, phenomena that arein interdependence).

Requirements for Data and Other Sources

When writing an evaluation essay, it is extremely important howempirical data and other sources are applied. All data areinterconnected with a certain place and time, so before applyingthem, you need to ensure that they correlate to the time andplace needed for research. The corresponding specification ofdata by place and time is one of the methods that can help youavoid excessive generalization.

It is always possible to not have too many generalizations, ifyou keep in mind that in the essay the data used are illustrativematerial, and not the final act, i.e. they confirm the argumentsand show that the author is able to use the data properly. Itshould also be kept in mind that data concerning contentiousissues are always under question. The author does not expect adefinite or definitive answer. It is necessary to comprehend theessence of the factual material associated with this issue (therelevant indicators? how reliable are the data for constructingsuch indicators? what conclusion can be reached on the basis ofavailable data and indicators regarding causes and effects?etc.), and demonstrate this in an essay. You cannot refer toworks that the author of the essay did not read himself.

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