Biblical Worldview Essay

Name: John Shisler

Course and Section Quantity: BIBL 105-D23

Biblical Worldview Essay

Genesis 1 – 11 recounts the story from the Creation with the heavens, earth, and mankind, the fall of man into trouble, and God's original covenant with Moses. From these chapters in Genesis, a lot of the questions of life are answered for all of us. We study whether we have a God, exactly where we came from, how to tell right from wrong, and what our relationship with God must be. Genesis 1 – 10 sets down an early information for us on how we should live our lives to honor Goodness, how we may learn from earlier human mistakes, and how to deepen our relationship with God, all of which can help to shape our worldview.

Right away in Genesis, all of us learn the account of creation and that The almighty exists and created the heavens, earth, human beings, and all of the creatures that live on earth. Genesis 1: 28 shows that your life was created by simply God, proclaiming " Thus God developed mankind in the own graphic, in the picture of God he created these people; male and female he developed them” (NIV). This helps all of us learn right away the relationship to God that we have. God created us in His image and created all of us to be excellent. God also, however , offered us to be able to sin by providing us free will. Genesis 5: 1-32 shows once again that person was created by simply God and shows that person descended by Adam and Eve, actually listing the descendants and just how long they lived. By showing just how God developed life, man, and all the creatures in the world, Genesis allows us to understand how we should certainly relate to Him and how we ought to view His creation. God created best humans and God developed perfect community. But He also remaining the ability for us to choose if we remained perfect.

Something we definitely learn from the story of first sin in Genesis is that our God is a loving God. When Adam and Eve acquired eaten the forbidden fruit, Goodness very easily would have struck all of them down and started mankind over again. Instead, God allowed Adam and Eve to have on, spreading them out from the Garden of Eden in...

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