Essay on Birth of America

Birth of America

Over time a lot of things have shaped the colonies. We all call this kind of the Birthday of America. Much more than 200 yrs ago there were British, Dutch, French and The spanish language colonies in North America. They were the first 13 declares. When people originated from Europe to America they will noticed it was very different from their previous life. In the groupe land was cheap contrary to Europe, and folks looked forward to owning their own land. In European countries only the abundant could own land. With the benefits in the colonies, the population expanded coming from 2 . your five million to 4 , 000, 000. People originate from France, Indonesia, Holland and Sweden and brought their customs with them. These types of traditions and customs will be what formed the groupe. Since the California king of Great Britain didn't focus more on the colonies, they begun to govern themselves.

In 1764, there was an take action call the sugar take action that set tax on foreign glucose and increased taxes upon coffee, indigo, and specific kinds of wines. It prohibited rum via being imported and also People from france wines. These types of taxes only affected a certain portion of the people, but the damaged merchants had been very expressive. Besides, the taxes were raised without the permission from the colonists. It was one of the first circumstances in which settlers wanted a say in how much they were taxed.

The next function was The Boston Massacre. It happened after drunken colonists did start to throw snowballs at the British officials. The British taken at all of them and wiped out five people. The settlers were mad and the English were upset as well. Nobody seemed to be siding with the English except Ruben Adams. He sided with them to put on a fair trial. He believed that the representatives were provoked to fire with the colonists. Then this 13 groupe boycotted the British products. That was a huge problem for the British as the colonists had been a major part of their trading. That was also a trouble for the colonists because the British offered them with nearly...

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