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hfsdghdfjghjghehtkjngfnufgiaio. COMM 112Josie WoodTest 1: The Take Home Type Name: ____________

Questions 1-9 are multiple choice, True/False or fill-in-the-blank. There is just one best answer for each and every multiple decision question. Questions 1-9 happen to be worth two points every single.

1 . If you need to convince a distrustful audience, which in turn of the subsequent is it most crucial for you to do within your speech? a. Define uncertain terms inside the introduction.

n. Organize the speech in problem-solution buy.

c. Target the conversation on inquiries of value.

d. Answer the reason for the audience's skepticism.

elizabeth. Offer a lot of extended cases.

2 . " Smoking ought to be banned in every municipal leisure areas in the Associated with Salem” is known as a thesis declaration for a powerful speech on a question of any. value

w. opinion

c. fact

deb. attitude

at the. policy

a few. " The usage of cell phones by simply car motorists has written for a growing number of automobile accidents” is a thesis affirmation for a powerful speech over a question of the. value

b. opinion

c. fact

m. attitude

e. policy

4. " Installing music on the internet for personal 2 ethically wrong” is a thesis statement for a persuasive presentation on a problem of a. benefit

b. thoughts and opinions

c. fact

d. frame of mind

e. coverage

5. At which of the subsequent would you always be most likely to listen to a persuasive speech on a question of fact? a. a graduation ceremony

b. a jury trial

c. an awards ceremony

d. a political convention

e. a retirement living banquet


6. " It is unethical for media to seep into people's exclusive lives” can be described as specific purpose statement for the persuasive talk on a issue of a. benefit

b. view

c. fact

d. frame of mind

e. plan

7. Stock issues happen to be general, essential __________________.

almost 8. TRUE/FALSE: You can use emotional appeals to make reasonable claims better or more unforgettable.

9. In accordance to your text, the three primary elements that add up to ethos are

a. trustworthiness/credibility, expert, and unselfish or clear motives b....

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