Compare and Contrast Essay

Compare/Contrast Essay

James Stephens and Emily Dickinson the two talk about the wind but understand it in several ways. Stephens's poem " The Wind” is pictured as a great angry wind flow or the start of a tormenta ready to ruin everything in its path while Dickinson composition " The Wind tapped such as a tired man, ” identifies the wind while an old fatigued and shy man or maybe a breeze that came and proceeded to go.

Stephens and Dickinson's poems possess similarities and differences. Their similarities are poems discuss the wind, give the wind fingertips, and illustrate the wind like a person with feelings and actions. " The wind stood up and gave a shout” was described in Stephens' composition. Comparing to Dickinson's " The wind tapped like a tired man. ” Those are some similarities between the two poems.

Differences between the two poems happen to be Dickinson's wind flow is fatigued and timid, Stephens wind kicks, shouts, and wants to kill. Dickinson's wind comes and goes. Just like a delicate breeze that blows in gently after that leaves as being a guest, " He went to, still flitting; then, just like a timid person. Again this individual tapped —‘twas flurriedly— and i also became only. ” Alternatively Stephen's poem shows the fury with the wind, " And explained he'd eliminate and eliminate, and eliminate. ” He quoted on the last collection. He applied strong words to show or perhaps help fancied having the wind.

Throughout both equally poems and going through all their similarities and differences. I really admire both of them. Stephen's composition is brief and reductions to the pursuit, enabling me personally to have a great picture inside my head on what is happening. Same to Dickinson's poem but in my estimation I had a little more of a hard time understanding the poem. Some parts I got that and some parts I failed to. All in all equally poems had been great.

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