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Date15 / 03 / 2013

Devon Fund Managers

A regular record that examines

industry and gratification of

Allen Baker plc. based on the

Ted Baker Annual Record 2011-12.

Exec Summary

This report will analyse and evaluate the Ted Baker plc. by providing the most crucial ratios from the company and interpretations to them. Furthermore, it is going to recommend to hold stocks of this business to existing shareholders and also recommend potential investors to buy the stocks and shares of Ted Baker plc. since the come back of the firm is likely to be high in the nearest foreseeable future.

1 . Launch

This report is going to evaluate the apparel-textile industry and company functionality of Ted Baker plc. by using monetary analysis. It will likewise provide useful recommendations for users about buying the company.

1 . 1 Industrial characteristics

Ted Baker plc. are operating in apparel-textile market. This kind of sector is famous for creating and selling accessorizes and clothing[1]. Apparel industry consists of wholesalers and retailers. Since retailers can sell their particular merchandise in retail, they may be more lucrative but also highly risky[2]. Furthermore, sales income in this industry, especially in retails, tends to be remarkably seasonal. Sales are usually getting maximised during holidays and at the beginning of institution periods[2].

1 . a couple of Industry averages and opponents

Textile-apparel sector has an common market capitalisation of 12B, which displays the average total estimated quantity of issued stocks and shares in firms of this market[3]. Net profit perimeter of six. 5% is known as a measure of success as well as, shows pricing approach and how the companies within Attire store take care of their costs. Additionally , dividend yield in this industry is only 1 . 1%, which displays the rate of return on investment. PRICE TO EARNINGS ratio with this industry is definitely 22. 0[3] (refer to Appendices 2). In apparel-clothing sector, Burberry scarf Group plc. ranks initially for marketplace capitalization. [3], but it really might not be a primary competitor of Ted Baker, because of a distinct style and a price. The main competitors of Ted Baker are Paul Smith, Levi's, Gap, Reiss and so on.

1 . a few About the Company

Allen Baker plc. is a English and community leading clothing brand that operates primarily on 3 channels: wholesale(45. 1%), retail(46. 6%) and licensing(8. 1%)[4]. Beginning from 1988 in Glasgow, they offer two collections annually, which include goods such as: menswear, womenswear, add-ons, footwear, born by Allen Baker, wristwatches and etc.[4]. Ted Baker is a listed company in London Stock Exchange(LSE: TED) and share price today is 1243. 0p (13-03-2013 at of sixteen: 47) [5].

1 . 4 Press media and future strategies

According to The Self-employed (2012), company beats it is profit focus on by overseas expansion for instance a new retail outlet in Beijing[6]. The founder and chief executive Ray Kelvin declared despite of the uncertainty in trading sector, company has turned a great commence to 2012 having a 16% enhance in sales[8]. Beam Kelvin just lately spoke to media by simply emphasising that their foreseeable future plan is always to make Ted Baker a global business by simply opening even more stores in Asia and Latin America. Another future prospect is definitely reducing taxation and costs[7][1].

2 . Financial Examination of Wyatt Baker

installment payments on your 1 Horizontal or Pattern Analysis

Table1[1] (Workings in Appendices 1)

Stand 1 shows a horizontal analysis attracted about Wyatt Baker, which usually shows percentage changes in the components of Income Affirmation. It is an effective way of traffic monitoring long-term trends. From 2011 to 2012, there is twenty percent change in earnings, however after deducting costs and bills this has dropped to 1. 6% as profit for the season. In specifics, there is a essential change in cost of sales, division costs and administrative expenditures. As mentioned in part 1 . 5, company has expanded it is outlets and production in...

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