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1 ) Background from the Study

The Wafer Level Chip Range Package (WLCSP) in the semiconductor product is the sole true computer chip size package, because intended for the WLCSP the pass away itself may be the package. The Silicon Wafer Dicing Noticed in the semiconductor industry is among the most critical techniques for Wafer Level Nick Scale Package. The Analog Devices Incorporation. Gen. Trias (ADGT) has recently qualified its manufacturing facility to get WLCSP goods, and for the past six months in the operation, one of the most frequently encountered problem for WLCSP- Wafer Dicing Found process is the wafer pass away edge breaking for both equally top area and backside of the si chip. The product with advantage chipping deny affects the electrical functionality of the IC and eventually falls flat on the discipline of the application. In cases like this, the overall performance of the firm is considerably affected by the higher rate of rejected products and eventually decreased its earnings including the possible lost of its potential clients. The investigator being the task owner pertaining to the WLCSP wafer dicing saw method, was given a job to make a great experiment pertaining to the solution of the problem, to eliminate edge breaking problem to improve the manufacturing yield efficiency and eventually meets your criteria the process of back coated wafer material for WLCSP product, as a solution to wafer expire edge breaking problem that triggers the power failure from the IC merchandise. The plastic material back coated wafer is being evaluated like the appropriate diamonds dicing cutter by the specialist as a answer to the problem. Your back coating remedy for si wafers is intended to protect the die rear from the die chippings and prevent the electrical failure with the IC. The silicon wafer fabrication department endorsed three sample wafers to the researcher to be applied to the test and qualification. The three samples of silicon wafer with semiconductor back coated tape will be used to characterize the WLCSP process for the back layered wafers. Both wafers for the peruse – portrayal activity, and the remaining wafer to be shipped will be used as customer selections.

1 . a couple of Objectives of Study

To achieve this project analyze, the following are the objectives: 1 ) To design a modified dicing saw method for Wafer Level Computer chip Scale Deal (WLCSP). installment payments on your To evaluate the efficiency with the back coated silicon Wafer Level Chip Scale Package deal (WLCSP) as well as its appropriate gemstone dicing blade for ADGT thru Design of Experiment. 3. To eliminate product electrical failing due to advantage chipping issue and maximize production yield performance.

1 ) 3 Conceptual Framework

The Backside chipping or the die edge chipping is actually one of the recognized problems in the field of Semiconductor making industry. It is because different factors influencing the process through the wafer reducing. However , a large number of strategies and studies are produced by several semiconductor corporations to correct the condition of their own process. But in the case of ADGT, the newly qualified WLCSP wafer method much hypersensitive and more critical in the dicing saw process because of its one of a kind material structure of silicon glass and the redistribution levels used in the IC wafer fabrication upon Flip nick or bumped wafers which is prone to advantage chipping difficulty. The ADGT wafer saw manufacturing often encounters a minimal yielding whole lot on WLCSP product due to edge breaking problem upon both backside and topside of the wafer. With the certification of the new technology design of back again coated wafers and the appropriate diamond dicing blade pertaining to wafer found process, the advantage chipping issue will be taken away. The Determine 1 listed below shows Conceptual Paradigm invented by the researcher. The Input:

вћў To analyze the precious stone dicing knife and the plastic-type back covered wafers to eliminate the problem about edge chippings at wafer saw method. вћў Accumulate...

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