Project Pitch Research Paper


123 Style. Malvar St ., Davao Town



Term of Supporters

Balindong, Abdul Nafi S.

Sarmiento, Arzelmay R.

Suggested Title Design

Davao Metropolis Route Request and Path Generator

Assertion of the Trouble

1 . nonresidents of Davao City often get confused with the PUJ routes. installment payments on your GPS does not provide information of the obtainable means of vehicles and tracks of going to a particular place. 3. Man-to-man inquiry intended for directions and routes is usually ineffective particularly with language barrier. Objective with the problem

1 . To build up a system which will give complete list of Davao PUJ tracks. 2 . To develop a system which will provide ‘how-to-get-there' information. a few. To create a program that will include computer-aided request for directions and tracks. Features of the Proposed Examine

1 . Producing of ‘how-to-get-there' information and PUJ routes 2 . Featuring the landmarks (church, malls, schools, hotels, etc . )of Davao Metropolis 3. Program for query using touchscreen

4. Gold coin Acceptor for printing (Php1 per page), texting(Php2 every text) your five. Capable of giving change

6. Immediate access to the key offices of the major Taxi cab companies in Davao City Programming Dialect

Visual Fundamental

Significance of the Study

The world of technology is often striving to unveil latest inventions that transform human lives. Answers to arising problems all over the place is however the main goal of every innovation. On this factor, the advocates aimed at providing east and convenient access to information and directions into a destination. Community

The suggested system tools a wide range of advice about the inquired destination which is also offered with communications. Their features give you the community an opportunity to explore and be at ease in wandering and routing around Davao Metropolis. User

It really is applicable to get the user to have got...

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