john’s pursuit final Dissertation

Success in Exploration

Human beings will be curious and like to explore. Not only we all explore geographically, we as well explore fine art, science, suggestions, and space. People are drawn to things they have never noticed and don't learn about. They also try to find knowledge and resources they have to survive. Most exploration travel by curiosity, but what need to possess to be able to succeed? Personality qualities will be the keys. Willpower, courage, and adventurousness will be needed in order for explorers being succeed. Neil Armstrong was an American astronaut and the first person to walk on the Moon. He was also an jetstream engineer, nautico aviator, evaluation pilot, and university teacher. Neil Armstrong is a north american hero. Neil Armstrong got all three traits, determination, bravery, and adventurousness which essential for American main character because they make us feel we can whatever it takes. First, Neil Armstrong's willpower. When he is at first quality, he had learning much more than eighty books. He could browse better than fifth graders. His mother spent lots of time reading catalogs to Neil Armstrong. He loved examining and established to learn new stuffs. Inside the age of several, He got a really odd jobs like shaving grass in the yard to earn money, so he could pay for the air travel lessons. Second, Neil Armstrong's courage. For instance , he was nearly get slain during the Korean War. His airplane's side was broken, he had include courage since it was a very dangerous mission. He was escaped the ramming plane by utilizing parachute and landed within a rice discipline in secure territory. In 1966, Neil Armstrong required courage as they almost passed away on his initially space mission. On his Gemini mission, the capsule was lost control. He timed hitting the thrusters so the spinning would stop and saved two of his teammates. Finally, Neil Armstrong's adventurousness. The two most exciting escapades were his Gemini almost eight mission and moon clinching. He was selected as the commander pilot for the Gemini eight flight in space....

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