Mutual Cash Essay




FN5206 Investment Supervision

Term Paper:

Analysis of investment tricks of the common funds and their influence upon funds' functionality

on the example of

Centras Securities Investment Business

Instructor: Meters Mujibul Haque, Ph. M.

Prepared by: Jumasheva Sulushash, 20070299 Sergey Savinykh, 20074290

Fall 2009

Table of Articles



1 . Purchase opportunities in Kazakhstan5

2 . Mutual funds in the world6

2 . 1Definitions and Overview6

2 . 2Types of mutual funds7

installment payments on your 3Advantages of mutual funds7

2 . 4Caveats of Purchasing Mutual Funds8

3. Discuss investment (mutual) funds in Kazakhstan9

a few. 1MF activities overview9

3. 2Principles of functioning in the PIF10

3. 3Statistical Factors which demonstrates the risk11

4. JSC " Centras Securities" Purchase Company13

4. 1Company info13

4. 2Investment fund " Treasury”13

4. 3Investment finance " Indigenous Lands”17

4. 4Investment account " Global Markets”18


Appendix a hundred and twenty

" Treasury” – KASE Index Performance20

" Treasury” – KASE Index Volatility21

" Treasury” – KASE Index Linear Regression22

" Treasury” – KASE Index Data File23

Appendix 224

" Native Lands” – S& G 500 Index Performance24

" Native Lands” – S& P 500 Index Volatility25

" Native Lands” – S& L 500 Thready Regression26

" Native Lands” – S& P five-hundred Data File27

Appendix 328

" Global Markets” – S& P 500 Performance28

" Global Markets” – S& L 500 Volatility29

" Global Markets” – S& P 500 Linear Regression30

" Global Markets” – S& P 500 Data File31

Appendix 432

Comparison Table32

Appendix 533

KASE, MICEX and S& P five-hundred Indexes comparison33

References: 34


We wish to express the gratitude for all those who gave us the chance to write this term newspaper. Especially we wish to thank each of our faculty manager Dr . Mujibul Haque, teacher from Hammer College of Business, whose help, rousing suggestions and encouragement helped us a lot in writing on this paper.


In our work we wish to consider the expenditure opportunities associated with an individual of poor quality investor in Kazakhstan. Further we focus on the purchases of a mutual fund and analysis of the mutual cash activity and profitability based on a investment tactics.

The information for this paper was based on literature report on our textbook on assets, on extensive use of net materials and publicly offered reports with the mutual finance and indices. The basic technique used in the research is an evaluation of the selling price changes of the mutual pay for share as well as the dynamics in stock crawls. Analysis is targeted on Kazakhstan mutual money performance and benchmark index. Those funds have different investment strategies, therefore we consider S& G 500 Index and MICEX (Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange) as well. In our research we base within the investment strategies which were declared by the shared funds. In the event the real investment portfolios aren't created based on the declared strategies, the analysis may be less consultant.

As for the significance of the issues, it must be said that in recent times Kazakhstan citizens experience a substantial growth within their families' wealth. They begun to look for a wider scope of investment opportunities and they wish to create a great optimal collection. That's why they should be familiar with the investment chances existing on the local and global markets.

Investment options in Kazakhstan

The money kept in " stock", depreciates mainly because it becomes " the dead" capital. The fundamental way to force money to function is trading them. " Investment is composed in adding money today and...

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