Point Conventional paper Caucasus Location


•Non-US/Multinational Policy Desired goals, include NORTH ATLANTIC TREATY ORGANIZATION expansion in dimensions and influence). Relations with Russia. Produce an independent Kurdish nation. •US Domestic Considerations are the petrol pipeline throughout the Southern Caucasus Region as well as the Black Sea for transact access. •Ahurastan interests incorporate having international recognition as a sovereign country and they want 25% discuss of the offshore oil stores of the Caspian Sea. •Non-State SAPA (South Azeri Someones Army) (Military) " traditionalist insurgents” aims aimed against GOAZ (Government of Azerbaijan). Supported by Ahurastan. •Non-State SAPP(South Azeri People Party) (Political) " traditionalist insurgents” •Non-State Free Karabakh Movement (FKM) backed by Azerbaijan. •Ahurastan engaged in talks with North Korea about getting nuclear guns. •Ahurastan cash SAPA. Armenia interests range from the modernization and improvement with their economy with sustainable numbers of growth. •Azerbaijan objectives to improve its oil rights inside the Caspian Sea, restore its territory and possess integration in to European and Euro-Atlantic composition. •Azerbaijan happens to be supported by many U. T. programs-not restricted to Peace Keeping Operations, Coalition Solidarity Money, Counter-Terrorist Fellowship Program and Humanitarian Assistance. •Azerbaijan against Ahurastan due to their support of SAPA action in their nation. •Iran's goals reconstitute former borders and still have controlled canal from Caspian Sea beyond the U. T. presence gone from Caucasus region. •Iran interests consist of abandoning elemental programs.

•Iran shed control of Azeri Turks who formed the Republic of Ahurastan. The Southwest province seceded and formed the Republic of Luristan. •Russia, allowing U. S. /NATO support in Atlanta as long as Abkhazia/South Ossetia circumstances maintained due to Tatarstan independent aspirations •Russia has blocked all Caspian Sea traffic other...

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