Reflective Record Essay

What exactly is Reflective Log?

A reflective journal is known as a way of thinking in a critical and analytical approach about your work in progress. It shows just how different aspects of the work interconnect.

The record can record: • exactly where your inspiration comes from • how you utilize your ideas to build up your work • your awareness of the cultural context (setting) in which you function This context includes: other artists' job and their ideas; the ideas of authorities and advocates; social, political, aesthetic and ideological situations. The record could contain: • study notes • personal comments on your own operate • notes/images from photo gallery visits • quotes • extracts coming from lectures, tutorials, books, publications • photos/sketches

Critical and analytical publishing

Critical writing involves a lot of the same techniques as once reading. So what on earth is Critical browsing? To read vitally is to make judgements about how a text message is crafted and argued. This is an extremely reflective skill requiring one to ‘stand back' from the textual content you happen to be reading. You could have to read a text through once to obtain a basic grasp of content material before you launch into an intensive essential reading. These are generally the tips: • avoid read simply for information (surface approach) • do browse for signs about views and thoughts (deep approach) This means: • comparing a similar issue by different points of view • identifying an argument (analysis of ideas/opinions) inside the text • identifying conclusions and recognizing how different people arrive at distinct conclusions • deciding the things you think, depending on the evidence available Then, is likely to writing: • look at the subject from several viewpoints • show a definite line of reasoning • present data to support your reasoning • be clear what their conclusions happen to be

Here are some strategies to help you read critically: • read start and end of text message to acquire an overview • colour code different views • underline key words, phrases, or sentences • publish comments in the margins...

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