Second Language Purchase Essay



1 . Background with the Study

There are three popular theory perspectives toward second language learning, behaviorism, nativism and interactionism. The theory of behaviorist has brought some study interest as a result of relation between behavior and second language learning Traditional behaviorists believed that language learning may be the result of counterfeit, practice, responses on achievement, and habit formation..

The methodological and conceptual differences in the fact that studies had been performance can determine the consistent reaction to the research. There are numerous variables which can be categorized while the factors as the cause of second language learning phenomenon. A lot of people learn languages more quickly than others. You will discover already so many or even many studies toward these issues. Some students might progress quickly while others have difficulties along making very slow progress in the same foreign language school. One of the factors that has a solid influence toward language learning is definitely behavior of every person. Thus the observation toward the relation between behavior and second language learning need to be elaborated till the effect will give both educators and learner to find a proper method in learning vocabulary effectively.

2 . Theoretical Construction

There are a few basic hypotheses advanced to describe how vocabulary is obtained and trained. The behaviorist theory, Mentalist theory, Rationalist theory (otherwise calIed Intellectual theory), Empiricist theory (Audiolingualism), and Cognitive-code theory are a couple of these theories. Of these, behaviorist theory and mentalist theory are mainly applicable to the acquisition of native languages while the rest can account for foreign language purchase. Yet, the se five fundamental hypotheses of language leaming can not be totalIy divorced from the other person, for " the goals of second language learning aren't necessarily totally determined by local language proficiency inevitably serves as a foil against which to set secondary language learning. " (H. L. Stem,. 1983; 30).

3. Problems in the Study

Related to the setting of the research, the problems to become solved will be formulated because following: 1 ) How is the influence of behaviorism toward second language acquisition learning process?

2 . Precisely what is the methods of behaviorism toward secondary language acquisition learning process?

four. Purpose of the research

Related to the situation of the study above, the objectives of the study will be: 1 . To learn the affect of behaviorism toward second language acquisition learning process.

installment payments on your To find out the effective ways of behaviorism toward second language buy learning method.

5. Method of The Study

In this study the article writer used qualitative approach. Qualitative approach signifies that the data will probably be collected as words or sentences and never in statistical scores. In this article the copy writer uses doc analysis which is research method applied to drafted or visible materials for the purpose of identifying particular characteristic of human character.

The writer examined the influence of individuality differences toward second language learning process in English scholar department 2012. Therefore , afterwards the freelance writers describe a result of the examination which tried to find out the influence of individual personality differences toward second language learning method. CHAPTER II


1 .

1 . Description of Student

The data was extracted from interview to English student department 2012 as the respondents. And the observation and interview method were by giving question about their habit if they learn English language.

2 . Information Data Tools/Instruments Used

In here the researcher employed observation, interviewing, internet browsing and document analysis while the instrument for analyzing...

References: Strict, H. They would. (1983). Important Concepts of Language Teaching. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

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