Showdown By Cracker Barrel or clip Final Case Study Essay



The perspective that is adopted when it comes to this case research will be those of an institutional shareholder of Cracker Barrel or clip. The final suggestions of this statement will focus on the expected vote to determine whether or not Sardar Biglari must be allowed to acquire a seat for the board of directors.


The aggressive plank challenges by Biglari have got resulted in protecting moves by the current owners. Biglari has been vocal in his attempt to influence his 10% stake in the company and desire to become a member of the table of directors. In reaction to this maneuver the plank of administrators has designated additional like-minded directors to help move the corporation forward in to an expected period of growth.

And also the company moved to block Biglari from buying more stock on the open market. This adopted a shareholder privileges plan or perhaps poison supplement. The toxic pill gives existing shareholders the right to acquire more stocks and shares if anyone bought more than 10% of the company. Unfortunately this kind of move has the appearance of desperation while using board more worried about with preventing their major shareholder coming from gaining control and not dealing with his genuine concerns.


Cracker Barrel's financial performance continues to be mediocre recently. In the period between 2005 and 2011, their working income provides declined by simply 0. five per cent and their consumer traffic was decreasing simply by an average of 2 . 2% each year.

Yet , over this era, they have held shareholders fairly happy with modest share value growth (with the exception of the 08 financial crisis), earnings per share progress, and gross increases. Also, they have were able to open 75 successful fresh retail spots and pay down some long-term debt.

After Biglari declared his control position and intentions in June 2011, Cracker Barrel implemented several significant adjustments. They changed three existing directors (two of which had tenures in excess of 15 years) with four new owners. In addition , CEO Michael Woodhouse stepped down and was replaced with Sandra Cochran.

Cochran in that case quickly has announced a six-point plan aimed at improving sales and profits and updating their very own pricing strategy. The market responded favorably to this strategy since the stock price began to rebound coming from an 18-month low prior to this announcement. Cracker Barrel's stock provides subsequently increased by over 25% among September and December 2011.


In determining the investment worth of Cracker Barrel, a peer group comparative analysis was completed. Biglari's a comparison of Cracker Barrel or clip to the S& P five-hundred restaurant index is inaccurate and misleading. The following conditions was used in developing a better peer group for Terme conseille Barrel:

Just small and mid-cap companies had been considered. Terme conseille barrel is known as a small-cap restaurant chain with approximately six-hundred locations, all located inside the United States. The S& L 500 Index primarily involves restaurant chains with a major international presence, franchised business model, and many thousand locations.

Quick support or take out restaurants had been excluded. Remember that although CEC Entertainment and Red Robin were defined as ‘Quick service' in the case, all of us consider these restaurants to be inside the ‘casual dining' and ‘family restaurant' category and consider them to always be quite a lot like Cracker Clip or barrel. As such we were holding included in the peer group.

Small and mid-cap eating places that were seriously franchised (less than 25% of retailers owned by the company) had been excluded, his or her business model is pretty different than Cracker Barrel, which usually does not operation.

Only relatives restaurants with out a primary concentrate on alcohol service had been included in the peer analysis. We did not rule out restaurants that had alcohol on the menu, but we wanted to avoid comparing to bar or perhaps pub–style organizations, as they crafted...

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