Essay regarding Importance of Attitude

The value of frame of mind

Everyone is delivered into a set of circumstances and the quality of life that each has depends upon the attitude he or she embraces. In life we may encounter some difficult circumstances which we could try to defeat by keeping a positive attitude. The quantity of effort and positive attitude put into fixing the problem constitutes a huge impact in the result. One should not become dispirited and concern with these types of challenges. Rather, one should make an effort to have a positive attitude and make the best of a predicament. Also each time a person all of us care for is confronted with a horrible circumstance our attitude can produce a huge difference in the way they interact with challenges. The difficult instances which we now have or face can be decreased with the sum of hard work we put in.

The effort placed in our attitude matters. In MacKinlay Kantor's " A guy Who Had Not any Eyes, ” two window blind men: Parsons and Markwardt each had different efforts and perceptions towards existence. Parsons carries a jaunty alpaca walking keep and is a " handsome figure along with his immaculate greyish suit. ” Even though Parsons lost his sight, he made a success of his life by selling insurance. A few years ago " he previously been a bit more than a competent laborer; at this point he was successful, respected, popular.... ” Parsons moved on using a positive frame of mind and made profitable of his life. As opposed Markwardt's wearing a " shaggy” manor and wore a " greasy” layer. Markwardt threw in the towel on his existence, became a beggar, and (as his appearance, presentation, and frame of mind show) pitied himself and made nothing of his lifestyle. He did not put any effort in solving his problem and did not apply a positive frame of mind. Markwardt did not have a good attitude and did not place any efforts to solve his situation, this individual became an inability and his existence was miserable.

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