twenties Composition

The Prodigious Roaring Twenties

Everyone should know that the roaring twenties was your decade that so many things happen. Some of those things were intentions, new entertainment, styles, patterns; even awful things occurred in the twenties. Some of the great inventions all of us still utilized today had been invented inside the 1920s. Teenage boys and women across America were changing the design and coming out with new styles. Also young men and women across America begun to change their behavior and be rebellious. Awful things began to happen such as the KKK increases up and starting to take over. Not to mention how the 18th variation was set up and alcohol was no longer allowed. Girls were continue to living unfair lives in that case as well. In the 1920s wonderful inventions were made like insulin, talking videos, lie sensors, medicines and traffic signals. Insulin was performed for diabetes patients so they can control the amount of sugar in their blood vessels. The insulin was invented in the year 1922. Before 1924 television was only viewed not noticed. Then when the talking films came out everybody all over America were likely to movie theaters to look at and listen closely. This became a real popular hobby inside the roaring twenties. In the 1921 John Larson invented the lie metal detector which is something we use today. Several medicines to cure people were invented. Also, those wonder traffic alerts that you have to become caution of when you travel is another thing that was created during the roaring twenties. Great new entertainment was happening inside the roaring twenties. New music just like Jazz, Doldrums and Rock and Roll became popular. Teenagers and women would venture to nightclubs and do dances like the jitter bug, tangos camel moves and even rectangular dances. As the new dances appealed for the youth these were not so favored by the old. This was partially due equally to the nightclubbing and get-togethers that were the venues for the dancing, and to design for dance alone. New gadgets were coming out for the kids and room cleaning supplies...

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