understanding the framework of promoting people with learning disabilities NVQ level 2 Essay

п»їUnderstanding The Context Of Assisting People With Learning Disabilities Task

A learning disability means that the person who is diagnosed with a single will find it difficult with specific areas of their particular learning and development. A child with a standard learning incapacity finds it more challenging to learn, appreciate and do points compared to different children of the identical age. Like all kids and teenagers, children with learning problems can continue to improvement and learn throughout their childhood - although more slowly. The level of disability can differ greatly. Some children with severe handicap will never discover how to speak and when they develop up will need help with maintaining themselves: nourishing, dressing or going to the bathroom. Other kids with moderate learning disability can develop up to end up being independent. Standard learning handicap is different from specific learning difficulty which means that the person has difficulties in a single or two areas of their learning, but deals with well in other locations of their development. For example , a child can have a certain learning difficulty in reading, composing or understanding what is said to them, but have no problem with learning abilities in other regions of life.

The complexities for learning disabilities are not well understood, and sometimes you cannot find any apparent cause of a learning disability. However , some reasons behind neurological impairments include:

· Heredity – Learning afflictions often run in the family. Children with learning problems are likely to possess parents or perhaps other relatives with comparable difficulties. · Problems during pregnancy and labor and birth – Learning disabilities may result from anomalies in the expanding brain, condition or personal injury, fetal experience of alcohol or drugs, low birth fat, oxygen starvation, or simply by premature or perhaps prolonged labour. · Mishaps after birth – Learning disabilities can also be caused by brain injuries, malnutrition, or simply by toxic direct exposure (such while heavy precious metals or pesticides).

The 'Social' and 'Medical' Models Of Incapacity

There are a number of ‘models' of disability which has been defined over the last few years. Both most frequently described are the ‘social' and the ‘medical' models of disability.

The medical model of incapacity views disability as a ‘problem' that is one of the disabled specific. It is not known as an issue to concern anyone other than the person affected. For instance , if a wheelchair using pupil is unable to enter a building because of several steps, the medical version would suggest this is because of the wheelchair, rather than the steps. This kind of medical unit approach is based on a perception that the troubles associated with the handicap should be borne wholly by the disabled person, and that the incapable person should certainly make extra effort (perhaps in time and/or money) to make sure that they do not hassle anyone else.

The social type of disability, in contrast, would start to see the steps because the disabling barrier. It draws on the concept it is culture that hinders people, through designing everything to meet the needs of the majority of people who are not disabled. There is also a recognition within the social style that there is quite a lot that society can carry out to reduce, and ultimately remove, some of these devastating barriers, and this this task is a responsibility of society, as opposed to the disabled person. The social model is somewhat more inclusive in approach. Pro-active thought is given to just how disabled persons can engage in activities on an equal footing with non-disabled people. Selected adjustments are made, even in which this involves period or funds, to ensure disabled people are certainly not excluded.

What is the proportion of people with learning troubles for to whom the cause is definitely not understand? (not also sure about this point)

Tending to someone which has a learning disability can be difficult. Where a lot of people that have a learning disability are able to master new skills, speak and costume...

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