Why Marriages Fail Essay

Partnerships can be very tough to maintain. They require a variety of skills. Looking at marriages in several cultures, you observe very different points of view towards marriage. We all know the American culture and just how we perspective marriage. This article " So why Marriages Fail" by Bea Roiphe presents the depressing side of yankee marriage. It will take mainly a bad look at American marriage. Will not seem to look at the positive elements of it. A culture that is certainly completely opposite of ours is definitely represented in the article " It Takes a Village to create a Relationship" simply by Sobonfu A few. Ms. Several writes her article to try and convince all of us that her type of relationship is almost best. She is from a small village in West Africa from the Dagara tribe. Will probably be hard to compare and contrast both articles and views of marriage, since each content gives only 1 point of view. Nevertheless , I will make an effort to show methods, in the parts of sexuality and conflict, the fact that Americans and Dagaras are similar and different.

The Dagara's watch of libido is different coming from ours. We view libido in marriage as having two reasons. One is to obtain children, the other is for pleasure. This is not in Roiphe's article, but it is a thing we all understand and agree to. The Dagaras view libido only regarding the their religion. Some declares that " There is a spiritual dimension to each relationship, set up participants admit it. A couple come together because spirit wants them collectively. " Which means that they perspective their romantic relationship with their wife or husband as anything more sacred than lovemaking. The Dagara tribe does not look for enjoyment in sexual intercourse; it is very almost holy to these people. Both cultures are similar mainly because they both at least start out with only one mate when they are hitched. They certainly both use sexual to have kids, whether it is a sacred act or not really.

In the article " For what reason Marriages Fail", Ms. Roiphe states that, " Generally extramarital sexual intercourse destroys a relationship because it...

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